Understanding VAT Compliance in the UAE

VAT registration UAE

When introduced in 2018, the value-added tax, also known as VAT, has become one of the most important systems of taxes in the UAE. Here, you will be able to find a glimpse of the Important points of Value Added Tax compliance in UAE and how VAT registration UAE would help them follow FTA’s rules through offering consultations on matters to do with how, when, and whether it is possible to register for VAT in the UAE to the issues in regards to conning how to operate within the different compliance regimes of the UAE’s VAT, as well as even how it is possible to reclaim VAT in the UAE, our VAT consultants are fully capable of supporting you on matters regarding the UAE’s VAT legislation.

A brief explanation of the UAE Value Added Tax System and the bills, laws, and regulations in the UAE

It is a taxation policy levied at every point in the supply chain when selling any good or service. Currently, this is one of the lowest standard rates of VAT amongst all the countries in the world at a 5% charge, with the central idea of significantly increasing the governmental revenues while still maintaining the competitive level of the UAE economy at its highest level. The following laws are used as the legal bases for administering and implementing the value-added tax system in the United Arab Emirates: Federal Decree-Law No. (8) of 2017 on Value Added Tax and the Value Added Tax Implementing Regulation, also called the Executive Regulation.

Who Must Register with the VAT?

If a company’s taxable imports and supplies have exceeded AED 375,000 in the last 12 months or are projected to do so within 30 days, they must register for VAT. Additionally, smaller enterprises can register voluntarily at the AED 187,500 threshold to recover purchase input tax.

Procedure for Registering a VAT

In the United Arab Emirates, the FTA site can be used to complete the simple online VAT registration process. Companies must offer the following:

  • Business Information: Name of legal entity, trade license, and contact information.
  • Financial Data: Expected turnover as well as historical turnover statistics.
  • Business Activities: A thorough rundown of what the business does.
  • Lastly, bank account details: the bank account details must be updated so that the payments and VAT refunds in the UAE can be smoothened once the VAT filing procedure starts.

The FTA reviews the application upon submission, and if accepted, a VAT registration certificate with a Tax Registration Number (TRN) is issued. Tax consultants in the UAE must be asked for help with any doubts related to VAT registration and filing in the UAE.

VAT compliance requirements and practices that must be followed in the UAE

  1. Issuing invoices: VAT-compliant invoices must be produced for all taxable supplies. The bill ought to contain the following:
  • Name, address, and TRN of the seller; invoice date
  • An explanation of the products or services
  • Total amount owed
  • The amount of VAT that was assessed
  • The buyer’s name and address are necessary for more than AED 10,000 supplies.

Maintaining Records

Businesses must keep in-depth records of all transactions for at least five years. Among these records are:

  • VAT bills that have been sent and received
  • Debit and credit notes
  • Documentation of import and export
  • Books of accounting

Keeping correct records is necessary for FTA audits and the submission of VAT returns.

VAT returns in the UAE

Quarterly VAT returns are required, or monthly, if a business’s annual income exceeds AED 150 million. The return ought to include information about

  • Total revenue from purchases
  • Due output tax
  • Recoverable input tax

The FTA uses the e-Services platform to file net VAT or refundable returns, referred to as the net VAT payable or refundable. This is why any extra VAT amount must be sought by the given date to avoid the penalty. Anyone, including an individual or business that does not conform to the legal provision of registering for VAT in the UAE, is liable to punitive penalties. This research paper seeks to provide insight into penalties for non- compliance with VAT laws in the UAE.

If VAT is not paid, the FTA levies severe penalties, which include

  • Late fees: Twenty thousand dirhams
  • VAT returns filed after the deadline: AED 1,000 for the first infraction and AED 2,000 for each further infringement within 24 months.
  • VAT late payment penalties are as follows: 2% of the outstanding tax, 4% after seven days, and 1% each day after that, up to a maximum of 300%.

Tips to ensure VAT compliance in the UAE

Some basic tips can help you stay compliant with VAT rules set by the Federal Tax Authorities.

The basic tips for making VAT compliance standards updated for your business are stated below-

Keep Up with Information

Keep current with changes to VAT legislation by subscribing to newsletters and visiting the FTA website frequently.

Precise Documentation

Put in place reliable accounting systems to monitor sales and purchase VAT. To expedite this process, consider utilizing accounting software that complies with VAT.

Expert Guidance

To handle complicated VAT difficulties, engage with tax advisors or VAT consultants, especially if your company conducts business internationally or in different sectors.

Make VAT registration UAE your compliance pal for VAT compliance in the UAE.

VAT Registration UAE is a tax consultation that provides services that can assist you in making the process of VAT compliance smooth in the United Arab Emirates. Having been the premier tax consultants in the UAE, we can provide complete VAT solutions that include the system, laws of the FTA, and the Contact and Corporate Tax laws. We provide:

  • Effective VAT registration.
  • Careful record-keeping.
  • Precise filing of VAT returns.
  • Knowledgeable consultation on intricate VAT matters.


At VAT Registration UAE, we prioritize keeping abreast of the most recent tax legislation to guarantee that your company stays compliant and out of trouble with the government. Put your confidence in us to take care of your VAT compliance so you can confidently concentrate on expanding your company. For dependable, competent, and hassle-free VAT compliance services, use VAT Registration UAE.


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