Journey of MyOLSD from Development to Impact


History and Development

MyOLSD, or My Olentangy Learning Support Dashboard, is an innovative online tool designed to enhance the learning process in Olentangy Local School District.  It was developed to address a need for a center that would house several educative materials and instruments for students, teachers, and parents.  Therefore, the Olentangy Local School District, which is the school district that has the purpose of offering the students excellent education, using new technologies, and focusing on the academic success of the students, knew about the opportunities of the forms of educational technologies.  This led to the development of MyOLSD to supplement the work of the OLSD and it was successfully developed. 

To address the need of MyOLSD, teachers, principals, technologists, as well as usability designers needed to be involved in the process.  The goal was to create an application that is user-friendly and can be integrated into the current educational technology landscape without requiring major changes to the existing structure and that would address the needs of all stakeholders.  It was also introduced in stages as users were asked to provide feedback on the platform to make further improvements and adjustments. 

Interacting with Other Current Forms of Education Technology

Among the features of MyOLSD, it is possible to identify the capability of the system to integrate with other educational technologies that are applied in the district.  This includes learning management systems (LMS), student information systems (SIS), and any other software that is used in learning.  In this respect, MyOLSD provides convenience to the users in the sense that they would not need to spend a lot of time constantly shifting from one site to another. 

For example, MyOLSD integrates with Google Classroom through which teachers can share assignments, grades as well as other learning material from the LMS to the dashboard.  This integration will help the students to have easy access to all the coursework and all the materials that are related to the coursework.  Similarly, parents can also get MyOLSD where they can monitor their child’s academic progress, attendance, and other details in one place. 

Participation in Distance and Blended Education

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the education system and promoted the use of remote and hybrid learning across the globe, and the Olentangy Local School District is not an exception. These transitions were made possible through the support of MyOLSD, which ensured the provision of a strong and effective online learning environment. The use of the dashboard’s features was especially beneficial when schools had to be closed, as it provided a means of continuing education even though the students and teachers were physically apart.

MyOLSD was helpful to the teachers as they could teach live classes, share assignments, and even give feedback during remote learning. The means of communication such as messaging and announcements made it possible for the students to stay connected and active. In the context of the blended learning models where the students moved back and forth from the face-to-face and online classes, MyOLSD could provide continuity of the student experience.

Teacher and Student Training

To ensure the success of MyOLSD, the Olentangy Local School District also ensured that they provided adequate training programs for both the teachers and the students. These training sessions were intended to introduce users to the MyOLSD interface and to share with them recommendations for using this tool throughout their teaching and learning processes. The training was inclusive of different areas of the program such as; how to move around the program, how to use other programs that are incorporated in the program, and how to solve some of the problems that may be encountered in the program.

As for the teachers, the training was focused on the benefits of MyOLSD in the teaching process. Teachers were given demonstrations on how they could use the platform to improve the planning of lessons, the way students were engaged, and the methods of assessing them. This also entailed having workshops and webinars by other experienced educators who took their time to explain to us and share with us tips on how to use MyOLSD.

Students, however, were given user manuals and self-help aids in the form of demonstrations in case they wanted to use the platform on their own. These resources were developed in a manner that was appropriate for the age of the students so that students at all grade levels could become efficient users of MyOLSD. The district also made it possible for students to share knowledge and help their peers especially those who had mastery of the technology.

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To the Olentangy Local School District, MyOLSD has become a very important resource in education delivery, the learning process, and parental engagement. The following is a breakdown of the rationale for using the technology: compatibility with other technologies; remote and blended learning; and data privacy. Indeed, it can be stated that the platform is capable of providing even more value to the educational community in the future, contributing to the development of the sphere in terms of the usage of innovations and high quality.


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